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winter stories

for a baseball fan, the winter is mainly just full of speculation about next season and memories of the year before. earlier this winter i was caught up in the a.j. burnett sweepstakes, as most cards fans were, but now, i'm mostly just a little sad about the departure of matt morris. matty-mo was the longest standing member of the team, and it'll be very hard to imagine him in a giants uniform. from a business perspective, there's no question that the cards were wise not to getting in a bidding war with the giants over matt's services--he's on the wrong side of thirty, and clearly on the decline in his career. but from a fan's perspective, there weren't many more pretty sights over the last ten years than a matt morris breaking pitch slipping into the strike zone. and now it's gone.

Morris isn't old...The Diamondbacks have a bunch of old people, and have had.

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