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Acts, fantasy baseball, asking too many questions

Not much posting this week, due to a couple projects for school and a fantasy baseball draft. One of the school projects was one of the hardest tests I've ever taken-a midterm on the book of Acts adminstered by Hans Bayer, Covenant's resident German professor (Now, granted, I was a poetry writing guy in college and never had organic chemistry or anything like that).

Over the last year, I've discovered that I just hate studying for tests and so have a hard time preparing for them, even when I have time blocked out beforehand. It just seems really tedious to try to guess what questions the professor is going to ask, then cram all that information in my brain so I can spit it out and then forget 90% of it over the next couple of weeks. I know this is the way that education is done for most people, but two years into a graduate degree, it's beginning to become very tiresome. Luckily, Bayer allows us to write an exegetical paper instead of taking the final for this class (Acts and Paul) and so I'm definitely going to go that route-I find the paper writing process far more helpful and interesting.

The fantasy draft was overseen by George, a good seminary friend who let me get in a long-standing keeper league that he runs. I'm excited about my team, it's led by Alex Rodriguez and Travis Hafner and includes future Cy Young winner Anthony Reyes.

The other school project this week was for Intro to Counseling. Basically we were required to interview three friends for an hour each about their life histories. The main thing I learned through this process was that I have a hard time with silence in a conversation. Instead of allowing the person talking to fill the silence on their own, I tend to quickly fill it with a question. Good to know.

and your problem is you think you know me after that and can apply counseling. Fool, you dont "KNOOW" me. :)

tj, I know you a lot better than you think I do. I mean, I basically know what you're going to say before you say it. For instance, I knew you'd leave that comment on this post.

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