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family update

Ami, Cael, and I are finally getting settled back in St. Louis. Christmas was great, but it was a whirlwind--two and half weeks, lots of different beds, lots of new people holding our son. He was a champ through it all, but still it was difficult for all of us. Of course, seeing family was great, but it just underscored the difficulty of them being there and us being here. I'm not sure what the resolution for that problem is, but for now the resolution looks like this: me studying for the spring semester and working at the bookstore, and hanging out with Ami and Cael in between. It looks pretty good from here.

One of the things I realized over break was how much I'm beginning to miss art and beauty here. Somewhere in between the theological and biblical studies I'm immersed in here, I've forgotten what it was like to read poety, much less write it. The world I inhabited at UVA seems very far away sometimes--the world where I lived and breathed beauty and poetics, spent most of my days looking for it. That's another problem that doesn't have an easy solution. I bought Ami a great painting for Christmas that was done by one of our friends here. That'll help with the art problem. And I've found some new music I like--Sufjan Stevens is my new favorite replacement for Bob Dylan on the ipod. (Don't worry, Bob, I'll be back). And I can make some resolutions to start writing again, but it's hard to believe that I'll keep it up once the semester begins. Enough of the complaints of an almost former poet.

We certainly enjoyed passing our grandson back and forth...yes, Cael was a champ, but I think the credit goes to your wonderful wife.

Jordan gave me a 2 disc cd of Handel's Messiah, and your siblings are starting to sing along in the van as we go to and fro. I'd definitely try it as an easy way to add beauty to your ipod listening pleasure!!

I feel your pain. One thing I've enjoyed about Christmastime in Seminary is that it is the one time when I get to buy new music. I also work on Christmas paintings for the kids - which is the only art I do anymore besides doodling during language classes. I used to do more with music and art but can't anymore. Have you seen John Early's stuff at the FSI house? Its some of the better work I've seen there.

I've been getting into Sufjan Stevens too - Seven Swans and Come on Feel the Illinois.

George--yes, I like John's work a lot, too, actually the piece I bought for Ami is one of his. I'll have to post it here. I didn't know that you were an artistic guy. That's great.

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