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Kolmarden Zoo

Two stanzas from Kolmården Zoo, by Bill Coyle, a suprisingly powerful poem on the subject of death. From the March 2006 issue of Poetry.

Still, to teach children this is how things go
is one thing, to insist that it is good
is something else—it is to make a god
of an unsatisfactory status quo,

this vicious circle that the clock hands draw
and quarter, while the serpent bites its tail,
or eats the dust, or strikes at someone’s heel,
or winds up comprehended by a claw.

thanks for passing that along...very nice.

Are you familiar with the author's work (Bill Coyle)?

I haven't read anything by him except for the two poems that are in this month's issue of Poetry. I like them both a lot though, and I think he has a book coming out. I'll let you know if I can find the title.

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