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random thoughts

The new season of 24 started this weekend, so Ami and I have a second tv show to keep up with. Jack Bauer is back to his old tricks, and it looks like the country needs saving again...Thank goodness someone's on the job.

I listened to a good bit of the Sam Alito hearings last week at work, and while I'll never be a card-carrying member of the GOP, the performance of the Democrats on the committee was just embarrassing. They were like some pathetic kid who still can't believe they lost the election a year ago, still can't believe W gets to nominate judges whose bias he likes, just like every other president whose party owns a senatorial majority. (Now, I don't like W either, but the man is the president--and I do like Alito and Roberts).

I'm back on the Denver Broncos bandwagon for the first time since Elway retired, looking for a Denver-Carolina Super Bowl.

I heard some guy on the radio defending Bush's newly disclosed policy of legally/illegally (depending on who you ask) wiretapping citizen's phone conversations without a warrant by claiming "The only people that have something to fear are the ones with something to hide!" That's about the most naive political statement I've ever heard. Try telling that to the Japanese Americans rounded up into internment camps during WWII. Yeah, our government's never taken advantage of its power over anybody in its history, that's for sure. there might be an argument to be made for giving the gov't the power to listen in on citizen's phone conversations, but the argument that the gov't will never abuse that power seems to be a shaky one to me. honestly, the whole thing sounds to me like GWB wants to be my male older sibling, and I would rather he was just my president, personally.

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