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me and you and everyone we know

Ami and I just got done watching a movie on my ibook in bed. We watched it in bed because I broke the dvd player last week by (accidently) putting in two dvds at once, which wouldn't at first seem like that major a thing, but it jammed up the disc player and we had to pry it open to get the dvds out. One was a library disc, so we definitely had to get that one out, as we know personal experience that the St. Louis library system charges you $30 if you lose or destroy one of their dvds. We know this because Rolen made "Ron Burgundy: Anchorman" into a chew toy a couple months ago. (On another note, this is a great example for why the government shouldn't run anything--I mean, $30 to replace a dvd you could get for $8 at blockbuster? Absurd). So anyway, you can imagine my sense of desperation as a I tried to get the library dvd out of the dvd player and how I might have ended up destroying the player in the process. The movie we watched on the ibook was "Me and You and Everyone We Know", which turned out to be a great movie--very funny and random and sort of poetic, just how I like movies. (Though there are a few objectionable scenes). The funniest scene was about poop and IM and some miscommunication, and that definitely qualifies as random. If you've seen it, you know what I mean. Ami didn't think it was as funny as I did. It really was a great movie-beautifully filmed and hinting toward the difficulty and possibility of human relationship. Definitely the independent movie of the year, if you're into independent movies.

Tag, baby.

Check it out and quit procrastinating.

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