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Dumb post

Mr. Shookfoil has "tagged" me. So now I have to fill out this dumb little quiz or I'll have bad karma. And who wants bad karma? Should be fun.

4 jobs I have had:

-Ninja fighter during the cold war
-Camp Counselor in Brookneal, VA
-Staff Writer for The Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville, VA
-Bookstore jack of all trades in St. Louis, MO.

4 movies I could watch over and over
-O Brother, Where Art Thou?
-Napoleon Dynamite
-Brokeback Mountain

4 books I could read over and over
-House at Pooh Corner
-The Odyssey
-PCA Book of Church Order

4 musicians I don't get tired of:
-Bob Dylan
-Mark Heard
-Johnny Cash
-Neil Diamond

4 places I have lived
-Charlottesville, VA
-Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
-Banbridge, Northern Ireland
-Research Station, Antarctica

4 tv shows I watch
-The Simpsons
-E! Tonight

4 places I have been on vacation
-I don't feel like answering this one.

4 websites I visit daily
-Viva El Birdoes
-NY Times
-Covenant Library catalog

4 favorite foods
-Pulled Pork BBQ
-BBQ Ribs
-New York Strip Steak
-A nice rare burger

4 places I'd like to be right now
-That cool research station in Antarctica
-In the treehouse at Camp Hat Creek
-In the smoking room/library/study in the house I'm going to own someday
-Busch Stadium (if it was a summer night with the Cards in town)

4 bloggers I'm tagging

hey son, I'd forgotten that you were once a ninja fighter, that you liked Brokeback Mt., got such a charge from the Book of Church Order, were a big Neil Diamond fan, lived in Antarctica, or watched E!Tonight. I guess I've just gotten forgetful since I've turned 50. Or maybe early onset Alzheimers...seems like I'd remember I'd that Research Station. And watch out for e coli in those rare burgers!! Love, Mom

Hmm...you tagged me.

Mom apparently doesn't have a very good memory. I remember you were gone for months on end at that Antarctica Research Center.

Right, ninja fighter, I was wondering what you were doing all that time... Mom said you were in a mime group, she must have been trying to protect your secret identity.

i can't believe you don't remember me being a ninja fighter. and if you want to know what i really think about brkbk mtn, see my latest post.

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